Sunday, August 13, 2006

How To Create Splash-Pages For Affiliate Programs

Majority of the affiliate programs have built-in type of advertising that they recommend. You join their program, start with their banners, e-mails and traditional style of advertising. Before you know it, there are thousands of affiliates using the same material and the competition becomes overwhelming.

The need to stand out from the crowd is obvious.

Splash pages are the solution. Splash page is a condensed version of the affiliate program with your magical twist.

Usually a single html page.

Here you can express yourself with different designs, such as graphics, layout, content, sound etc. This is where you can add your personality as well as target different audience for various types of promotions for the same program.

Summarize the program in short yet effective marketing material without too much hype. Copy the "key" points of the program with some of their graphics and colors too match.

To build a splash page decide the type of audience you are after. Let say for example you are after the traffic exchanges.

The action is fast and you have couple of seconds to get the viewers attention. The person is surfing number of programs simultaneously and unless you capture their attention they are gone forever.

So how do you do this?

To explain this question let's rip-apart some of the splash pages, created for 2 of the affiliate programs.

The first page is aggressive, fast action, designed for the traffic exchanges and particularly for the "testosterone" type of audience.

To grab their attention, focus was on their audio-visual senses.

The first thing you hear when you enter the site is flyby with a huge explosion. This does get the attention. Once this is accomplished the noise is toned down with the all-time favorite Top Gun theme.

As for the visual, the flashing "Brand New" banner does the trick. The theme of the program is "No Nonsense Fast Cash" so it is included upfront aswell as the fact that is free to join. The background is night time with flickering stars all designed to act on the subconscious of the targeted audience.

The black inside the border is to compliment the theme and the content is basically summarizing the program. The "electrified" enter sign is to keep the adrenalin going.

This first impression is the key. If you are able to arouse the viewers curiosity within these few seconds, congratulations! You have overcome the main hurdle.

The other page is designed for different audience.

It is for the general audience with genuine interest to make money.

The colors, graphics and the entire layout are toned down. The theme here is residual monthly income.

The chosen background is faded US dollars which compliments the page nicely. The colors are green and once again acting on the subconscious of the audience.

The title reveals the program and the content is the summary of the program.

The key focal point in this splash-page is the movie. Excellent presentation that does all the selling for you. It is so powerful and well composed that it is the marketing tool. The rest of the site is designed to reinforce the main theme.

The income calculator is added as one of the motivators, that answers "show me the money!". Here a viewer can play around with the numbers and see exactly how much money they will be earning.

Some of the slogans are taken from the main program, here again, keeping within the context of the affiliate program.

These are just some of the examples of how to use your creativity to target different audience. You can use different themes for the same program.

One thing is a must. Make sure you can measure your success. If a particular design is not working change it.

Just remember this is not about you, but your ability to effectively relay your message to the targeted audience.


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